Welcome Wisconsin Progressives

Our great State of Wisconsin has been under attack. There is hardly a facet of our lives that has not been affected to one degree or another. Governor Scott Walker will likely go down in history as the worst Governor this state has ever had and the current Republicans in the legislature have demonstrated repeatedly that they will do nothing but rubber stamp his agenda. Walker has an interesting history that should have warned us but we share some of the fault that he is in office at this point. But we will prevail fellow Progressives; this state gave birth to the Progressive Party and its history of leadership on Progressivism is second to none. We shall prevail and may we never let our guard down again!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Every Child With an IEP

ALEC proposes entire privatization of education.    The multiple errors in thinking of this plan are evident.  In the 1950s there were manufacturing jobs for those who dropped out and the world of knowledge (technology) far less complex.  Rather than shrinking and fragmenting our efforts we need to expand what we are doing while ensuring that each child receives the best possible within a system of common accountability.  How can we do that?  We can have every child in public education receive their education through an IEP (Individual Education Plan).  Several advantages would appear.   There are two populations of students that have unfunded mandates who continue to fall through the cracks ... at-risk and gifted.  The public education system needs an equitable allocation of resources so that all students have equal access to funding and resources rather than having one population with specialized allocation.  In addition, every child having an IEP would make certain that all children have the same legal protections in the public school setting as every other child.    Please read the article from DISTRICTADMINISTRATION as it points out very well the advantages of each child having their own individual education plan.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

History Matters...

As with everything, in order to fully understand, a complete history is essential.  A complete unbiased and as much as possible undoctored history is essential.   Thus, with understanding special education and where to go from 2011 in Wisconsin, we must understand the history of special education.  Please go to this great site to review when, how, and why the program known as special education developed.  This program as so many programs was critically needed, justifiable, and honorable.  However, as time has passed, as with so many programs the original intention and goals have become clouded and some would say there is abuse of this program.  Further, I would argue that all children in schools are special, all have individuals needs and no one child should take precedence over another.  Therefore, I think a serious examination of this aspect of public education is critical.  There are some who read the ALEC playbook and seem to wish to send children back to the prespecial education era and that is simply harmful and counter-productive.  But can this great nation look at this aspect of public education and evolve this program to encompass all children with the same legal protections that those with an IEP have, and if not, why not?  If not, what harm is potentially done to those without an IEP in today's age?  Are some children left at the mercy of an abusive student who has an IEP?  Are funds being allocated to one area of students while other students are cut short?  Is it right to expect programming for at-risk students to be unfunded while special education is fully funded due to the legal protections?  Should children who would benefit more fully with an advanced curriculum and/or an alternative curriculum be left without due to lack of funds because they do not have the protection of an IEP?  Let's do this people; our children matter and the future of public education matters!  I will be back on Monday, August 1st!  See you than and have a great weekend! 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The White Elephant in the Room

Everyone wants to "fix" public education.  Well, actually the Republicans as they follow their ALEC playbook, don't appear to want to strengthen public education but rather, perhaps, to contribute to its demise.  Along with this demolition of public education, special education's future seems to be very much in question.  Now, I am not going to say that the area of special education should not be closely examined.  At the rate that our nation's children are being "diagnosed" as requiring special education it is a wonder that the Centers for Disease Control have not stepped in.  Crisis would be a good term to describe this landslide of "diagnoses".  The term, diagnosis, is used loosely for it is a combination of medical perspective and educational perspective that qualifies a child for special education.  In tomorrow's blog we will go into the history of special education as it is important to review the goals and purpose of this valuable legislation and where this great progress has become derailed.  But in the meantime please read what ALEC's plans seem to be for those with special needs.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

March 12, 2011 ... the day that history will remember when Progressives once again said enough! We went to our beautiful Capitol and together we let the world know (yes the world) that Progressivism is alive and well and will not be defeated. But our effort continue into infinity as it seems that no matter how much as humans we evolve there are always those out there who wish to tear down progress. There are many driving factors but greed seems to rise to the top regularly. Who promotes this? Who manipulates the media to leave those who have little to nothing to believe that nonProgressives will help them survive and thrive? Please go to ALEC EXPOSED for some of your answers!